Welcome to the official website of Jonathan L Howard, author of the Johannes Cabal and the Russalka Chronicles series of novels.

Monochrome image of the author.Jonathan L Howard is a game designer, scriptwriter, and a veteran of the computer games industry since the early 1990s, with titles such as the Broken Sword series to his credit.

After short stories featuring Johannes Cabal were well received, Johannes Cabal the Necromancer was published by Headline in 2009 as his first novel. This was followed by Johannes Cabal the Detective in 2010 and Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute in 2011. The fourth novel, The Brothers Cabal, was published in 2014, and comes out in paperback in October, 2015.

Also in October, a new modern horror series begins with Carter & Lovecraft, with a second novel scheduled for 2017.

2012 saw Strange Chemistry publish Katya’s World, the first novel of the Russalka Chronicles. The second novel, Katya’s War, followed in November 2013.

An experimental project, the monthly “prose comic-book” Goon Squad began in January 2014, and will run at least until December. He lives with his wife and daughter near Bristol.

You can get in touch with him at contact (at) jonathanlhoward.com